"We rescue people from Financial Mismanagement and help them start their Financial Freedom Journey"

Lokesh Tiwari


When I couldn’t afford my engineering fees, my uncle helped me out. That’s when I learned how important money & planning is.

After finishing my computer science degree in 2011, I knew working for big MNCs wasn’t for me. I wanted to try startups instead. I gave it a shot with three startups, but they didn’t work out.

State Government to Startup

In 2014, I got the opportunity to work on the Aadhar Project for the Maharashtra State government. We developed the thumbprint Aadhar authentication system back in 2014, which is now very common. We even presented it to Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis. But I was very clear I have to go to startup once again… & journey continues………

200Cr Fund Raise by WorkIndia

So, I began searching for startup opportunities once again. This time, I got the chance to co-found WorkIndia in 2015. Running the startup and managing the team gave me new perspectives.

Starting from 2017, we began meeting with big investors like Sequoia, Beenext, and Dell. During this time, I had the opportunity to visit Japan, where I learned about investment.
These investment concepts amazed me. Additionally, I had the chance to meet Teru San, the founder of Beenext, from whom I learned a great deal about investment.
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WorkIndia Raised

While meeting these investors, I became a student of investment and personal finance. I started to understand how businesses operate and how these big Investors think.

On one side, I was running the business, raising funds, and simultaneously working on fixing my personal finances. I developed my G.R.O.W Framework to start the Financial Freedom Journey.


The 2017 Setback & Comeback

In 2017, I faced a setback due to a family medical issue. It took two years to overcome this challenge, which gave me a new perspective on personal finance. But I thought it’s one of the cases where it is not happening with everyone But I was WRONG…

In 2020, the world faced a medical crisis(Corona) similar to what my family faced in 2017. That’s when I decided to take action. Did my detailed research in Personal Finance and In 2022, I resigned from WorkIndia and began educating people about money & wealth creation.

So far, more than thousands of students have implemented the my G.R.O.W framework and started their financial freedom journey.

Do you know?
In india Financial literacy is only 27%

That is why I am on Mission
My Mission is to educate 1Cr Family Heads so that they can start their Financial Freedom Journey


What I Do

  • I rescue people from financial mis-managment and help them to start the Financial Freedom Journey.
  • I love educating people about personal finance
    Connecting with people.
  • My content centres around how to manage money better and make it work for you.
  • My Mission is to educate 1Cr Family Heads so that they can start their Financial Freedom Journey


My Mission is to educate 1Cr Family Heads so that they can start their Financial Freedom Journey


When we become a developed country by 2047, India should be 72%(Not today’s 27%) Financially literate (More than any developed country in the world).


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